After a couple of years without caring about it, I’ve updated this website. This time it has not only been a simple makeup, but a whole change. The goal with this update is to break the barriers that made me not updating the contents.

Additionally, I wanted to:

  • Stop using a database (mysql, pg, …)
  • Some look & feel changes.
  • Simple content updates / blogging
  • Use a free hosting if possible.

Although, initially I thought most of the contents were outdated and I was going to remove them, but then I reconsidered the meaning of this web. This web is an album, an archive that gathers my thoughts or interests at some point of my life. When I was at college, at the begining most of the posts and articles were related to security and networks, then when arriving at the end of that era, there are more cocused on linux. When I started working for a mobile operator I wrote about phones or ux, and after starting my own company, its products are the main topic of my writings.

##New system: Jekyll + GitHub.

I had already heard about Jekyll as a tool for creating websites easily, but never looked more deeply into it. For updating the web I came back to it and it turns out to be a great solution for me. Jekyll generates an static website (the output is pure HTML) but the input are templates, HTML, Markdown, sass, cofee script, etc. Instead of generating the HTML for each request, it prebuilds all the HTML for each page of the site. This is great solution for websites taht are mostly static.

One of the best thing is that you can upload and host it directly to your GitHub account. That is, you update your website and keep your git repository up to date at the same time. Isn’t it awesome?

So, what’s next?

Well, let’s see if the change helps me to blog more often…